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How to Display Affiliate Links on Your Site

When you display affiliate links inside AccessAlly, each logged-in affiliate will see their own unique URL, so all they have to do is copy + paste it on their own site.

Your affiliates can only see links that you’ve physically added to an accessible page inside your AccessAlly site. This allows you to create and manage a large variety of affiliate links without revealing everything to logged in affiliates.

For example, you might have “standard” affiliate links that are always displayed on your affiliate pages, so affiliates can promote your main products year-round. Then, you can choose to display additional affiliate links only during special promos or launches.

This tutorial assumes that you have already created your links inside AccessAlly. If you haven’t yet, please follow this tutorial.

Step 1: Create a New Page

Create a new page inside your AccessAlly site. Make sure the permission settings on this page allow affiliates to view the content.

Then, use the AccessAlly shortcode adder to select the correct affiliate link from the dropdown, as in the screenshot below.

Once logged in, each affiliate will see their own unique URL here.

Updated on October 29, 2020

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