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How to Create an Affiliate Leaderboard in AccessAlly

It is easy and straightforward to create an Affiliate leaderboard with AccessAlly – and a great way to run contests and competitions for your business Affiliates.


If you choose to build a leaderboard while using Ontraport’s partner program (instead of AccessAlly’s built in affiliate setup), please be aware that APPROVED commissions will be counted. (Pending commissions will not appear).

Here’s how to set one up:

Step 1: Go to AccessAlly > Leaderboard

After logging into your website, go to AccessAlly > Leaderboards.

AccessAlly Leaderboards setting

Step 2: Add New Leaderboard

Select the Add New Leaderboard button to create a new leaderboard.

new affiliate leaderboard button

Step 3: Name Leaderboard & Select Date Range

Here, you can edit the name of your leaderboard. Since you can create more than one, be sure to pick a name that will help you to identify what it is being used for.

Determine the start and end date for your leaderboard. If you are running a contest, these dates would reflect the contest timeline.

affiliate leaderboard dates

Step 4: Determine Number of Ranking Slots

By default, the AccessAlly Leaderboard is set to show the top 10 affiliates. If you only wish to show the top “5” or top “3,” for example, simply change the number in this box.

AccessAlly affiliate leaderboard rankings

Step 5: Quantity Calculation

Here you can decide how you want to rank your affiliates by choosing one of the three pre-set options:

  • Number of Sales
  • Total Dollar Amount of Sales
  • Number of Leads

Affiliate leaderboad ranking options

Note: If you select Number of Leads, you can skip Step 6.

Step 6: Product Selection

Selecting either Number of Sales or Total Dollar Amount of Sales in Step 5 will reveal additional options.

First, you will choose whether you want this leaderboard to take into account sales from ALL products (these are the products that are set up already through your Ontraport or Infusionsoft account if you are using your CRM for your affiliate system, or your AccessAlly offerings), or if you’d only like to track a selected number of products.

affiliate leaderboard product selections

If you don’t want to track all products, clicking the Selected Number of Products will reveal a checklist of all available products.

Simply check the boxes next to any of the products you’d like to have calculated in this leaderboard.

product selection for affiliate leaderboard

Note: When integrated with Infusionsoft’s affiliate system, the value is calculated on the invoices which contain the selected products; if the invoice contains other products, the total amount of the entire invoice is used. When integrated with Ontraport’s partner program, the value always reflects the true amount of sales for selected products.

Step 7: Save Leaderboard Settings

Click the Save button to save the settings in this new leaderboard.

Step 8: Create a Page And Add The Shortcode

Once your new leaderboard has been set up and saved, you’re ready to add it to your site.

Option #1: Add the leaderboard page through Offerings.

add affiliate leaderboard through offerings wizard

  • Go to AccessAlly > Offerings.
  • Click on the affiliate program you set up.
  • Add a new page, rename it and click the navy blue “Save” button at the top.
  • Click the paintbrush to edit the Leaderboard page you just created.
  • Select the affiliate leaderboard shortcode from the AccessAlly shortcode adder.
  • Insert and publish the page.

Option #2: Go to: Pages > Add New

Add new leaderboard page

Name your page and click on the AccessAlly button in the page edit toolbar to reveal a popup with the available shortcodes.

AccessAlly shortcode adder in WordPress page editor
Select Leaderboard.

affiliate leaderboard shortcode

If you have created multiple leaderboards, select the appropriate one from the dropdown.

By default, the leaderboard will show two columns: the ranking number (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) and the corresponding names of the affiliates on the leaderboard.

However, you can also choose to display a third column that reveals the corresponding value of each affiliate. If the leaderboard is tracking leads, this number will reflect the number of leads. If you are tracking the dollar amount of sales, then the value will show the monetary value of the total sales made by each affiliate.

Then, select Insert Shortcode to add the shortcode to your page.

Now, your leaderboard is ready to go!

The Leaderboard Will Update Automatically On A Daily Basis

Once you have the leaderboard set up and added to a regular page via the AccessAlly shortcode (shown in Step 8), the leaderboard will automatically update on a daily basis.

If you’d like to force a refresh sooner, hit the “SAVE” button on the Leaderboard settings page and it will refresh the stats.

Updated on November 16, 2023
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