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ConvertKit WordPress Affiliate Plugin For Your Business in AccessAlly

ConvertKit is a marketing automation platform, especially popular with bloggers and small businesses for its flexible, easy-to-use features that make email marketing a simple, straightforward process.

As your business grows and thrives (thanks in part to ConvertKit’s automations), you might start looking at affiliate marketing as a way to reach new audiences and increase the visibility of your company.

There are a few generic affiliate plugins on the market that might work.

And one that’s created specifically as a ConvertKit WordPress affiliate integration.

Before trying to find the right tech tool, it’s important to dive in deeper and pinpoint exactly what you want to accomplish with your ConvertKit affiliate plugin.

What Kind Of Products Do You Want to Sell With Your Affiliate Program?

The first question we need to answer to help you choose the best WordPress affiliate plugin for ConvertKit is:

What do you plan to offer? It could be…

The good news is that there are different WordPress plugins that handle many of these options.

For An Affiliate Program That Sells Online Courses, Digital Products, or a Membership Program…

… it’s possible to “do it all” with a single plugin that handles everything: your digital products, courses, memberships, order forms, and the WordPress affiliate plugin itself.

The benefits of an all-in-one tool is that you don’t have to worry about trying to configure multiple tools so they speak to each other, the way you would if you used one of the WordPress affiliate plugins that can only communicate data with ConvertKit using a third-party API tool like Zapier or other add-ons…

Zapier is a great tool in a lot of scenarios, and we’re certainly not bashing it here. But when you use a third-party tool like that for sensitive data, you end up relying on two separate integrations (the plugin > Zapier & Zapier > ConvertKit) for every data transfer. If something ever goes wrong, it can be difficult to track what happened…and even more difficult to set things straight again.

That’s why we created a dedicated affiliate plugin integration for ConvertKit users to use with AccessAlly.

All-in-one Tool For Your Affiliate Management Needs

See how to create an Affiliate Center Offering with AccessAlly in our AccessAlly 101 training! Sign up for this free training.

AccessAlly 101 Affiliate Center Training in AccessAlly


With AccessAlly’s mobile-friendly order forms you can now track affiliate cookies and run your own affiliate program.

Why is it ideal for those who offer online courses, digital products, and membership sites you ask? Because AccessAlly also handles delivery of each of these types of offerings.

In fact, AccessAlly is a ConvertKit membership plugin too!

This affiliate management plugin does so much more for your business, and here’s just a taste of the full features you can look forward to:

  • Affiliate Registration is handled directly through ConvertKit’s opt-in forms – becoming an affiliate is as easy as having an “affiliate tag” applied and getting the AccessAlly account created through a ConvertKit webhook.
  • Unlimited affiliates: the number of affiliates you have is up to you! Since each affiliate is a contact in your ConvertKit account, you’ll only be limited by your ConvertKit plan.
  • Real-time reports: see exactly which affiliate accounts are sending traffic to your website, including where the link is coming from. Very few affiliate systems show you what page a link it being clicked on.
  • Easy affiliate login and reports: your affiliates can access their own individual affiliate sales reports and see their progress in the affiliate area on WordPress as they send people your way.
  • Promote your products and services: there’s no limit to the number of products or services you want to promote through your affiliate program using this WordPress affiliate plugin. The sky’s the limit!

Let’s take a look at how easy it is to set up an order form and an affiliate program on WordPress for ConvertKit.

How To Set Up Your ConvertKit affiliate plugin integration

The first thing you need to do is integrate ConvertKit with AccessAlly using the Setup Wizard. It’s not as complicated as it sounds — all you have to do is add your unique ConvertKit account API info into AccessAlly.

ConvertKit Setup in AccessAlly

Create Your Offerings

After the integration is ready, you can create as many offerings as you want–no limits here! Online courses with single payments or payment plans, memberships with a free trial and monthly charges, and even coupons, and special discounts are all available options for this part.

Design Your Order Forms

AccessAlly lets you use a 3-step order form, that captures the user’s contact info on the very first page. Then, if the user doesn’t complete their check-out, you can follow up using ConvertKit’s automation functionality.

Convertkit affiliate plugin wordpress

Finally, once you have your offering in place you can create the affiliate program in AccessAlly.

In AccessAlly’s WordPress affiliate plugin functionality, all you need to do to make someone an affiliate is assign a tag in ConvertKit.

Laptop with affiliate tier setup screen

This gives them the ability to access your affiliate center on your WordPress site, where they can get their affiliate links, stats, and more.

Convertkit affiliate plugin wordpress dashboard

Delivering Courses and Products using ConvertKit

Delivering your online courses and products using AccessAlly is easy with ConvertKit’s automations. You can do dripped content release, or instant access – it’s all based on tags.

You design the course or membership structure in AccessAlly, while your WordPress LMS theme handles the look and feel of your site.

From there, ConvertKit handles the delivery of emails and decides when to unlock access. It could be a daily challenge, a weekly course, or a monthly membership… your automations in ConvertKit power it all.

Convertkit course automation

Plus, you can decide what kind of affiliate program you want to run.

You decide what affiliate commission structure you want to offer, how long you want to track affiliate cookies and if you’re offering a recurring product you can also choose how long you want to pay affiliates.

Get Started with the ConvertKit Affiliate Plugin WordPress Integration in AccessAlly

While there are other WordPress plugin options out there – not all of them were designed with ConvertKit integration in mind.

So if you’ve been looking for the right affiliate plugin on WordPress that deeply integrates with ConvertKit… you’ve found it!

Check out AccessAlly and get started integrating your ConvertKit account with the checkout pages and affiliate system.

Updated on February 21, 2024
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