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How to Create an Order Form for an Online Course

Use AccessAlly’s order form feature to create an order form for an online course, membership subscription, digital download, or program. Use templates for higher conversion and ease of set up.

How this looks on your site:

When you create a course with AccessAlly’s content wizard, it will automatically pre-create all of the necessary permission tags needed for a seamless automated experience.

On the front end, the user will experience the following flow:
1. User accesses the order form and places an order
2. Simultaneously, they receive a unique login and permission to view the course material.
3. With a click of the button, they’re logged into their account and can begin working through lesson 1 of the course.

As an admin, all the tags will also be included so that you can use any of the 1-click management options to revoke, cancel, or pause access to courses that are included as part of a recurring subscription.


Updated on October 5, 2020

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