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Create a CRM Activated Coupon Code

Create a unique limited-time coupon so you can offer a special discount code that expires and share it in your marketing and promotional emails!

Prep Steps

The following items are needed before getting started.

1. Create CRM Activated Coupon Code

Go to Sales > Promo Setup Tab > “+ NEW PROMOTION”

Select Mode

The option you select here can be customized. Simple or Advanced (if you need to replace the order form when coupon code is used.)

Select Simple Mode in Coupon Settings

Select Order Forms

Add a check by all order forms this promo code will be used on.

Select Order Forms in Coupon with AccessAlly

Add Desired Discount Amount

Discount Amount Coupon Code in AccessAlly

Select CRM Activated Coupon

Select CRM Activated Coupon Code in AccessAlly

Enter Days Coupon Is Valid

Days Coupon Valid in Promo in AccessAlly

Add CRM Custom Field

Assign unique custom field here. This will hold the coupon code.

Custom Field for Coupon Code in AccessAlly


 For ActiveCampaign, Drip, Keap, and Ontraport Users 

Click “COPY TO CLIPBOARD” and use the webhook in your CRM automations to generate the coupon code.

Coded Webhook in CRM system in AccessAlly

 ConvertKit Users 

Add the unique tag you created in Prep Steps, click “CREATE WEBHOOK”, when in your ConvertKit account, add this tag to your visual automations to generate the coupon code.

ConvertKit Create Webhook Coupon Code in AccessAlly

Add Coupon Display Message, and SAVE coupon

Change display message wording, then click “SAVE” to save your coupon code.

Customize coupon display message and save in AccessAlly

Example of this message in use on an order form.

Order Form View Coupon Code Applied in AccessAlly

2. Generating the Coupon in Your CRM

Use the webhook you created as a step in your CRM automation to generate the coupon code.

Add your webhook (webhook trigger tag for ConvertKit users), then add a 15 minute wait to give your CRM time to generate the coupon code.

This works in places like your abandon cart automations to get people back to your order forms with a discount.

Here’s an example in ConvertKit.

Automation Tagged in ConvertKit

3. Emailing the Coupon Code in Your CRM

In your promotional emails, add a link to your order form, then personalize to add the custom field holding the coupon code.

Here’s an example in ConvertKit.

Using coupon code in ConvertKit Emails

4. Next Steps

Now that you’ve created your first CRM activated coupon code, you may be wondering about additional ways you can use and display this coupon code.

Generate the limited time offer coupon code inside your AccessAlly site!

Updated on April 19, 2024
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