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Add an Order Form to Your Site

Once you’ve:

  1. Created a product in AccessAlly
  2. Added one or more products to an AccessAlly Offer
  3. Optionally, designed the look and feel of your order form

It’s time to add the Order Form associated with your offer to a page on your site so people can make a purchase!

Adding an Order Form Using the Shortcode Adder

To add an order form where people can purchase from, simply create a new WordPress page and insert the associated shortcode for the order form.

Once you select the Order Form option, you’ll be able to choose which “Offer” you want to display.

Screenshot of Shortcode Adder for Order Forms

Depending on what you’re using to design your pages, you’ll find the instructions for pulling up the shortcode/block/widget adder here:

Specifying The Offer, Including Toggles and Order Bumps

Choose the Offer you’ve previously created and decide if you want to allow people to use a coupon or not.

Please note: if you’re using the “flex order form designer”, your order form will have the coupon area the way you designed it. That means the “enable or disable” coupon decision in the shortcode adder will not impact the order form, it only applies to the default order form design.

Screenshot Order Form - Coupon yes or no

If you’re using the AccessAlly Offer Toggle or the AccessAlly Order Bump functionality, use these specific shortcodes instead.

Once you’ve added the shortcode on the page, make sure that the page has the correct permissions (if you want it to be available only for members, you can make it tag-protected but if you want it to be open to anyone then make sure it doesn’t require a login).

Screenshot of Order form on a page

Adding an Upsell or a Downsell

If you’d like to string together a series of upsells or downsells, you’ll follow a similar process and add an order form to a new page for each subsequent offer.

Then follow these instructions to see how to make sure that people are presented with a “1 click upsell/downsell” so they don’t need to enter their credit card details again.

Linking Your Sales Page to the Order Form

Since your order form exists on its own page (with a unique URL), you can link to it from anywhere on your website (or social media, ads, etc.)

You could create a sales page button that links out to the order form page, or simply embed the link in any piece of text.

Updated on October 20, 2020

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