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Updating Member Email Addresses in AccessAlly

Sometimes a member needs to update their email address, but you don’t want to update it only in one place otherwise it could cause issues across your membership site or CRM.

Here you’ll see the two best ways to update a member’s email address.

Updating Through an AccessAlly Member Profile Page

The easiest self-serve way for members to update their own email addresses is through a Member Profile page, that has an AccessAlly shortcode for profile editing.

When a member changes their email address through the update profile shortcode, a few things will happen:

  1. Their “username” will be reset to the new email address
  2. They will be logged out and asked to login again with their new email address as their username (with the same password, unless they also changed it)
  3. The associated email in your CRM will also be updated

Read the full tutorial for setting up this type of page here.

Updating an Email Address Through Your CRM

If someone emails in and prefers that you update their email for them, you can do it through your CRM if you follow it up with a “genpass” webhook.

Important: never update an email in your CRM if you don’t run a genpass webhook afterward, otherwise your member will experience issues because the email address in AccessAlly will no longer match the one in your CRM.

To update their email in this way, it might help to create a campaign or sequence that runs the webhook and sends an email to the client with their new “username” (which is their new email on file).

Then you would go into your CRM, update the email for the member and hit save. Then queue them into your “Genpass” webhook campaign.

After they have gone through, check your AccessAlly site for the new email address and make sure that the member’s email has been updated to the new one. You’ll also want to let the person know that their username has been updated, if you didn’t add an automated email in your campaign.

Updated on November 16, 2023
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