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How to Manually Update a User’s Email in AccessAlly

You may run into an issue where a client has a typo in their email address. While this typo won’t affect their AccessAlly login, it will need to be fixed if you want to successfully send them emails.

How to Manually Update a User’s Email

If you only update the email address in your CRM, the information will not sync with AccessAlly and can result in an error.

The best solution is to use the user switching plugin:

Use the User Switching Plugin

If you have the User Switching plugin installed on your site, you can use it to log in as the user who’s email needs to be updated. Navigate to the “My Account” page (if you have one created) and update the email address.

This action will tell AccessAlly to update the login email address and simultaneously sync the information with your CRM.

Updated on January 11, 2021

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