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Alternative Ways to Emailing or Displaying User Passwords (Recommended)

If you don’t want to email or display user passwords on AccessAlly for security or other reasons we have several recommended ways to do this for both Free and Paid Offers.

Don’t want to store passwords either? Visit here for more information and direction.

Here are two alternative ways to emailing or displaying user passwords:

1. Automatically login users after purchase and reset password:

Free Opt-ins: You can use the On-demand login feature to automatically log your new users in.

The On Demand login will not log people in if they already have an existing account on the site – instead, it will ask them to enter their username and password. This is done for security reasons so that a stranger doesn’t use someone’s email address to gain access to their account.

Paid Products: You can use the auto-login feature within your Offer. This is not the same as the On-Demand Login as mentioned above. Within your offer you’ll go to the ‘Automation tab’ and check the ‘Create login for the client’ box (see below).

This will automatically log the client into the membership area and must be enabled.

Resetting Password: If you want your user to reset their passwords you can have them do that using the login widget.

Note: As seen in the image above you can update the language in your login widget to reflect how you want your users to use it.

2. Never use a password

You can opt-out of using passwords altogether with the Snappy Login Links™️ feature. If a member already exists, you can use Snappy Login to have a one-time expiring link sent to a member’s email address that allows them to log in without a password.

3. AccessAlly Welcome Email Functionality

You can use AccessAlly’s Welcome Email to send out a password reset link to your user after they have purchased. From there they can easily set a chosen password.

Updated on October 20, 2020

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