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How To Troubleshoot Pop-ups And Opt-ins in PopupAlly Pro

Use the steps below to troubleshoot your popups or opt-ins when they’re not functioning as they should. Most of the time it’s a simple tweak to the settings and everything will be back on track.

Troubleshooting Options

1. Check The Display Settings

Issue: The popup isn’t showing up on the page you expect to see it

First, make sure you have the correct type of popup selected (embedded vs exit-intent, etc.).

Type of PopupAlly opt ins

Next, scroll down to ensure that you have the correct page selected.

Finally, scroll farther down to make sure that the How to stop showing this popup section has the correct settings. (If the setting is set to stop showing after an opt-in, you may just need to test on an incognito window.)

how to stop showing popup settings

Once you’ve updated these settings with the correct type, page to display, stop showing settings, and frequency, you’re ready to test your pop up on an incognito browser.

2. Check your device

Issue: the popup isn’t displaying on the device you expect to see it
  1. Go to: PopupAlly Pro > select the popup you’re troubleshooting > Display Settings
  2. Scroll down to “How to stop showing this popup”
  3. Double-check the two available options:
    Disable on Mobile Devices
    Disable on Desktop Computers
  4. Screenshot from PopupAlly showing display settings for mobile and desktop Once you’ve corrected these settings, this should solve your device-specific issue. Test the page or popup again on an incognito browser.

    3. Check your timing

    Issue: The popup still isn’t showing up after you’ve reviewed and corrected the settings in items # 1-3 on this page

    The popup will only appear ever [x] number of days. This is great for visitors but can make it tough to test your popups when needed.

    Screenshot from AccessAlly showing how often to show a popup

    There are 3 ways to skip this wait:

    Option 1:

    1. Set “Show popup every” to -1 (See Step 4 above)
    2. Refresh the page and the popup should be visible
      This is the simplest testing method, but also most dangerous: make sure to change it before showing it to visitors! If you decide to test with this method, make sure ‘Use for only these posts/pages’ is NOT checked, and create a testing page specifically for this purpose and put the page id in “Use for only these posts/pages”.

    Option 2:

    1. Make use of the private browsing mode built into most browsers
    2. When you close and reopen a private browsing window it should show your popups again

    Option 3:
    Clear cookies: this method is a bit extreme, as you will likely need to log into WordPress again. Use Option 2 above whenever possible.

    Testing your pop up

    1. Test your pop up using an incognito browser
    2. If you adjusted your timing setting to -1 for testing, go back and change that as soon as you’ve completed your test

    Still Not Working?

    If you have a PopupAlly Pro License, we are always happy to help you troubleshoot your setup issues.

Updated on April 22, 2024
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