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PopupAlly Not Working? Here Are Some Troubleshooting Tips

Stuck? Popup not working? Here are a few tips for troubleshooting and testing your popups:

1. Is it on a page?

To confirm whether a popup is configured for a specific post/page, PopupAlly has a handy widget that provides that information.

Just open any post/page in edit mode, and you will see the ‘PopupAlly Display Setting’ widget on the top right, showing the display type for each popup (if any).

PopupAlly Tutorial - Widget

2. Why is it not popping up?

As mentioned in section 1, the popup will only appear ever [x] number of days. This is great for visitors, but can make it tough to test your popups when needed.

There are 3 ways to skip this wait:

  1. Set ‘Show popup every’ to -1: just refresh the page and the popup will be configure to appear. This is the simplest testing method, but also most dangerous: make sure to change it before showing it to visitors! If you decide to test with this method, make sure ‘Use for only these posts/pages’ is NOT checked, and create a testing page specifically for this purpose and put the page id in ‘Use for only these posts/pages’.
  2. Make use of the private browsing mode built into most browsers. Close and re-opening the private browsing window is like starting with a clean slate.
    PopupAlly Not Working
    4 chrome incognito
  3. Clear cookies: this method is a bit extreme, as you will likely need to log into WordPress again. Use the private browsing method whenever possible

Have fun creating popups! Make sure to leave us a review at PopupAlly.

Updated on January 29, 2018

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