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How To Set Up Your Team Management Page

With AccessAlly’s teams feature, there will be a single “parent” user who purchases the team license. The Team Parent can then manually add “child” users to their team with a simple click of the button. This tutorial shows you how to set up the Team Management page so that the “parent” user can add or remove members of the team as needed.

If you haven’t yet, please set up your first Team by following this tutorial: How to Set Up Teams Inside AccessAlly.

Written Tutorial

Step 1: Set Up The Backend Options For Your Team Management Page

The first step in setting up your Team Management Page takes you through the “Advanced” tab inside AccessAlly > Teams > Setup.

Click into the team you’d like to configure the management page for, then navigate to the Advanced tab. The settings will appear like the screenshot below:

Step 1.1: Configure “Maximum Limit” Message

When the team Parent user has invited the maximum number of Child users to the team, you can add a custom message to give more direction. For example, you might add a link to allow the Parent user to purchase additional licenses.

Step 1.2: Add Child Account Button Configuration

The next option gives you customization options for the text that appears on the “add child account” button.

Step 1.3: Configure Revoke User Settings

This option gives you customization options for the text that appears on the “remove child account” button.

Please note that you can disable this option, so that the Team Parent user can only add, not remove, child accounts.

Step 1.4: (Advanced Developer Use)

The final option in this area is for developer use, if you wish to change how child accounts are listed.

Step 2: Add the Team Management Shortcode To Your WordPress Page

Now, create a new page inside your membership site to be used as the Team Management page.

Then, with the AccessAlly shortcode adder, select the “Team Management” Shortcode. If you have multiple teams created, select the one you’re creating this management page for via the dropdown.

The shortcode will appear similar to this on the page:

[accessally_team_admin_management team_id=’XXX’]

Step 3: Add Permission Tags to Your New Team Management Page

Scroll down in the page edit mode to find the AccessAlly permission settings for this page. Check the box “Visitors Must Login To View This Page” to reveal additional tagging options.

Here, you’ll want to designate a special permission tag that will be given only to the Team Parent user account. This might either be the Parent Tag designated in Step 3 of this tutorial, or it might be a separate tag that’s added to the Parent User via a CRM Automation when the Team Parent first purchases the license.

If any child users receive the permission tag for this page, they will also be able to perform team management operations like adding or removing child accounts.

Step 4: Test New Team Management Page

At this point, it’s time to test out the new team management page:

  • Create a test user by running through the order form process you have in place to create your teams, so that they have their own “team” info and the required parent tags. Please do this with a new email that does not already exist in your system.

When your order form process and tags are configured properly, the page should appear similar to this for your test user:

Updated on October 20, 2018

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