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Issue: Users Receiving Empty Passwords in Welcome Emails

Use this article if your user is receiving empty passwords in emails with AccessAlly.
Are your members signing up for a free course (or purchasing a paid one)… and then receive an email with a blank password field? The likely cause is your HTTP post/webhook.

STEP 1. Check the HTTP post/webhook

Check to make sure an HTTP post/webhook sends to AccessAlly in your campaign after someone opts in/purchases, and before the email is sent.

It’s possible that you forgot to add this step in your automation sequence. If that’s the case, simply add the proper webhook/ping/HTTP post automation and run through a test user to make sure it works now.

Please note that there are different types of HTTP post / webhooks, and double-check to make sure you’ve added the correct one.

STEP 2. Check URL and parameters of the HTTP post/webhook

If the Webhook is in the right location, check that the URL and parameters are correct (no spaces, etc.)

You can find the base HTTP post URL inside AccessAlly Settings > Initial Setup > System integration.

Notice that there’s a bracketed [operation] inside the URL, which should be replaced with the specific webhook genpass, which instructs AccessAlly to create the user and generate a random password in the custom field.

Updated on October 27, 2020

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