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List of Membership Metrics Available In AccessAlly

Find out what metrics you can set up to track in AccessAlly.
AccessAlly sales metrics
AccessAlly includes a membership metrics dashboard, where you can track the membership site statistics that are most important to your business, from revenue and sales numbers to the average customer value. You can see the full guide to metrics here. Find out how to “archive” test orders so they don’t impact your metrics.

Membership Metrics & Sales Statistics


Metric Description Uses
Total payment Sum of all payments So you know exactly how much money your business is bringing in, whether it’s during a launch campaign or in a specific time period.
# of sales Total number of successful orders Keeping an eye on daily sales helps you track conversions from ad campaigns, email promotions, etc. (Please note that this number includes the initial order only. For recurring purchases/subscriptions, please use Total Payments instead.
# of payments Total number of all payments This includes both one-time sales and payments within a recurring subscription or payment plan.
# of refunds Number of refunds This shows the number of payments that have been fully or partially refunded. Can be filtered by time and product.
Refund amount Total refund amount This shows total refund amount of selected products, can be filtered and segmented by time for comparison across time.
# of affiliate sales Number of purchases with an assigned affiliate. This shows the total number of sales made through any affiliate combined. It can be filtered by time and order forms or segmented for comparison with historical values.
# of promo sales Number of purchases using an active promo This shows the total number of sales made with any active promo.
Metric Description Uses
# of users Total number of users on the membership site Know how many total users (free and paid) are using your content to track better engagement and free-to-paid conversion metrics.
# of paying users Total number of contacts that have made payment(s) Monitor the number of paying customers on your site to spot growth trends and know how many total users (free and paid) are using your content to track better engagement and free-to-paid conversion metrics.
Paying ratio The percentage of paying users compared to all users Tracking the percentage of free to paid members helps you understand if your offers are hitting the mark.
Average customer value Average payment amount per paying user Are you spending more on marketing efforts than you make per customer? This metric will help you balance the budget.

Abandoned Cart

Metric Description Uses
# of orders Including both abandoned and completed orders Keeping an eye on daily sales helps you track conversions from ad campaigns, email promotions, and other regular occurrences.
# of abandoned orders Number of orders that were started but NOT completed Keeping track of how many people start the purchasing process but decide not to complete their order is a great way to spot when an offer isn’t converting.
Abandoned cart % The percentage of abandoned orders to all orders This is a good milestone metric to help you track improvements in your sales and conversion process.


Metric Description Uses
# subscriptions Number of all subscriptions (including all statuses) Keeping an eye on subscriptions helps you track conversions from ad campaigns, email promotions, and other regular occurrences.
# active subscriptions Number subscriptions that are not canceled, revoked, or with failed payments This metric helps you identify how many paying members are currently active in your site.
# canceled subscriptions Number of subscriptions that were canceled Keep track of how many subscribers are canceling so you can create better customer retention campaigns and improve the overall lifetime value of each customer.
# finished subscriptions Number finite subscriptions/payment plans that have finished all payments. If you’re offering payment plans, identifying the number of finished subscriptions can help you to make budget decisions.
Projected payments Total projected subscription payments for active subscriptions. Tracking a metric like projected income that includes even more data points, like upcoming payment plan dues and other forecasted metrics.
Average retention Average length that a subscription stays active (in days) Similar to your CLV, knowing how long your subscribers stay active can help you identify key drop-off points, so you can start building in better retention resources.
Subscription Churn ratio Percentage of subscriptions that were canceled / revoked This is calculated through dividing number of stopped (revoke, cancel) subscriptions by number of total subscriptions. It can be filtered by product, subscription active time. It can also be time segmented to show historical values/trend.
New Subscriptions by origin See where your new subscribers are coming from Tracking upgrade or downgrade traffic during each time period in a product with multiple tiers.

User Progress

Metric Description Uses
Page / Offering Completion Percentage of users who have completed a page / offering High level overview of how courses are being completed gives you the proportion of users who’s completed a page / course. To track this metric for an offering, set up an offering objective on the course base page.
Page Visits Tracks user traffic on your page Use this metric to observe traffic on a specific page to help you visualize / predict interest in a particular product.
Quiz Histogram of how users perform on your quiz See the overall trend of user results on a graded, points or personality quiz to adjust the difficulty level of your content.
Offering completion time Track the time user spend in an offering / page Visualize the pace your content are being consumed. Seeing how long your users spend to finish a course.
Page completion time Specify pages to track first access time to completion time This metric should be used when your offering objective is not on the offering base page.

Advanced Membership Metrics

metrics custom calculation

There is also a Custom Calculation option where you can build your own metrics calculation.

Here you can select other metrics that you’ve set up and perform mathematical operations. For example, you might use this to calculate the percentage of members that are paying members.

custom percentage calculation

Updated on October 11, 2023
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