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How To Create Checklists (Objectives) To Track User Progress

AccessAlly Pro comes with a built-in progress tracking feature that allows you to create progress bars and pie charts, and track the user’s journey through your online courses. Although the progress tracking feature is fairly flexible, it depends on “Checklists” to gain the necessary progress information.

The tutorials on this page show you how to create these checklists and start tracking your students’ progress.

Video Tutorial 1: How To Add Checklists to A Page

This is a basic tutorial to show you how the checklists work – and how you can easily add them to any WordPress post or page with the shortcode adder.

Video Tutorial 2: How to Add Partial Objectives to a Page

By default, if you have an objective list, all included items will be shown on it. However, it is possible to separate the items so that each of them appear in a different area on the page. This short tutorial video shows you how to create a partial objective checklist.

Video Tutorial 3: How to Create a Mark Complete Button for Your Checklists

It’s possible to create a “Mark Complete” button in AccessAlly Pro. When added to a page that also contains a progress-tracking Checklist, clicking this button will mark all of the objectives on the list complete simultaneously.

Video Tutorial 4: How to Track Progress Across Multiple Pages

Do you want to track progress across several lessons in an online course? This tutorial video shows you how to set that up.

Updated on May 21, 2018

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