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How To Test Your Online Course or Membership’s Sign Up Method

Before making your course live to the public, take the time to test your order forms (for paid courses/memberships) and/or opt in forms (for free courses/memberships). This is a fairly straightforward process that requires you to access your website from an incognito window, then submit the order form or opt in form as if you were a client.

Step 1: Open an Incognito / Private Browsing Window

Open the order form (or opt in form) for the course you wish to test in an incognito (sometimes called a private browsing window). (For more information on why this is necessary, please see this tutorial.)

Step 2: Submit the Order Form (Or Opt In Form) As If You Were A Client

In your incognito window, go through the order form process as if you were a potential client. This is important because it allows your “test user” to receive all the applicable tags that are configured in your order form/opt in process.

Always submit test forms using a new, totally unique email that you have access to. AccessAlly recognizes users based on their email (which is also their username), so if you are using the same email multiple times, your results will be skewed.

What to look for at this step:

  • Are you able to fulfill the order form / opt in form?
  • Once the form is submitted, are you able to log into the website immediately (if the login information is supposed to be sent via email, make sure it arrives successfully in a timely manner)
  • After logging into the site with your new test user login, are you able to access the course content that you paid/opted in for?

Step 3: Log Out Of the Test User, Log Back In With Your Admin User

If there are any issues that need to be addressed or fixed, make sure to log back into your website using your admin information, so you can make admin changes.

Take the time to check your CRM to ensure the test user you used has all the necessary tags associated with their account.

Updated on February 19, 2019

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