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How to Set Up the CRM Automation for a Standalone Course

After building your Standalone Course in AccessAlly, it’s time to set up the corresponding CRM automation. This is a necessary step that ensures AccessAlly and your CRM are properly synced.

To build the CRM automation, you can use AccessAlly’s CRM Campaign Builder Guide, which is located inside your membership site. The Guide is dynamic, and will give you the tags and links you need that are specific to each course built with AccessAlly.

IMPORTANT: Before setting up the automation, please make sure you’ve set up your Standalone Course properly, by following this tutorial: How to Create a Standalone Course With AccessAlly.

Why is the CRM Automation Necessary?

When you’re ready to release your membership site to the public, you’ll need to configure specific automations within your CRM. These automations will dictate what happens when a user opts into the course or purchases it online.

Example: if you would like to offer a free course in exchange for an email address, an automation will need to be created that applies the necessary permission tags to the new or current user, then communicates with AccessAlly with the updated information.

You might also want to send a welcome email which might contain a password (find out more about whether you should send passwords or not here) and will send people back to the AccessAlly site to access their course.

PREFERRED: Locate The CRM Automation Guide Inside AccessAlly

The “Guide” to setting up your CRM automations is built inside your AccessAlly plugin.
To locate it, go to the AccessAlly Course Wizard > Edit/Modify Existing Courses.

Here, you can choose the course you’d like to create the CRM automation for by clicking on the “Edit” button or anywhere on the icon of the course.

Screenshot of Existing Courses

Once you’re editing the course, click on the “Integration” tab to be taken to the integration instructions.

Screenshot of AccessAlly Integration Tab

Now, you’re inside the CRM automation setup guide. Here, you can see at a glance which CRM you’re integrated with.

From here simply follow the screenshots and the steps in the process to build your automation campaign.

Pre-built automation templates available

Alternatively, you can use one of our pre-built automation templates that we’ve created for ConvertKit, Ontraport, and ActiveCampaign. You’ll still want to change the tags and webhook details in these templates, so using this guide will help you update the templates so they’re specific to your set up.

Release Automation Tutorials By CRM

The CRM Automation Guide will walk you through each step of the setup process. It’s recommended that you use the Guide inside your membership site (as opposed to the next part of this tutorial), as the links and tags you need are dynamic and will match up with the course you’re building.

However, if you want a refresher, click on the toggle for your integrated CRM to see all the steps.






Updated on October 28, 2020

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