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How To Set Up a Revoke Access Automation In Your CRM

You can create an automation inside your CRM that automatically revokes access to your website material when someone indicates that they would like to cancel their membership or subscription.

The method used in this example will simply add an master REVOKE tag, so you can easily track the purchase records of your clients based on their tags.

If you also need to refund a client, please follow this tutorial, as it must be done manually.

Why We Recommend Using the Automation Guide inside AccessAlly For This Process

It’s recommended that you use the Guide inside your membership site (as opposed to the next part of this tutorial), as the links and tags you need are dynamic and will match up with the course you’re building.

Please note: to revoke access to an entire course, you only need to apply the “Course_Revoke_Access” tag.

Once this tag appears on a member’s profile, they will no longer be able to access any of the course pages for this course or membership.

Screenshot of the AccessAlly Permissions Settings on a Page

Or you can also run the revoke custom operation, which is equivalent to applying the Revoke_Access tag.

How to Access The CRM Automation Guide

STEP 1: Locate The CRM Automation Guide Inside AccessAlly

The “Guide” to setting up your CRM automations is built inside your AccessAlly plugin.
To locate it, go to the AccessAlly Course Wizard > Edit/Modify Existing Courses.

Here, you can choose the course you’d like to create the CRM automation for by clicking on the icon or yellow “TEST” (sometimes shown as “EDIT”) button.


If you have fully set up the course pages as instructed in the previous tutorial (How to Create a Standalone Course With AccessAlly), the edit button will take you to Integration.

Click on the link for “Integration“.

Now, you’re inside the Integration guide. Here, you can see what course you’re creating a campaign for and which CRM you’re integrated with.

Revoke Automation Tutorial By CRM

How to revoke access for a course or membership with multiple levels that share pages.

You can use one revoke access campaign to manage all of the levels of a course or membership that shares pages. To do this, simply run your Revoke Course Permission webhook at the appropriate moment inside your CRM automation.

Updated on October 29, 2020

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