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How To Integrate PayPal With AccessAlly

The AccessAlly Products/Payments feature allows you to create products & offers from inside your membership site. These products may be set up as single-purchases.

Important: you must use a PayPal Business account for integration with AccessAlly.

Why Integrate PayPal With AccessAlly

AccessAlly includes a built-in ecommerce feature that’s designed especially for you if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to sell a small variety of products and/or subscriptions from inside your membership site.

You can also enable PayPal recurring payments / subscriptions, click here to see how to do that.

Note: when you are placing testing orders, you cannot use the same PayPal account that was integrated in the AccessAlly -> General Settings -> Payment section.

Video Tutorials

Important: You must use a PayPal Business account for integration with AccessAlly.

Step 1: Enable PayPal Integration To Take Payments Through PayPal

Step 2: Integrate the Payment Process With Your CRM

AccessAlly requires additional configuration to link the payment process with your CRM platform.

There is no additional configuration required for Active Campaign.

By default, AccessAlly adds the Drip tracking Javascript to every page to the site, so you don't need to manually add it.

Testing & What The End Client Will See

It’s always a good idea to test your integration with a small dollar payment (you can set up a coupon for yourself here).

On the 2nd step of the order form, you’ll be able to select the PayPal option (if you also have Stripe enabled).

Then you’ll see a button to click to process the payment in PayPal. When you click it, you’ll see a new screen open up prompting you to login to PayPal.

After logging in, you’ll be able to choose the source of funds. This does include any linked credit cards or bank accounts, as well as PayPal Credit.

Reference Guide to AccessAlly’s E-Commerce Feature

Wondering how it all fits together? Here’s your guide to setting up and selling with AccessAlly’s e-commerce feature. Click on the links below to view the corresponding tutorials.

Step 1: Set up your payment integration
Note: If you wish to sell subscriptions with recurring payments, you must use a Stripe integration.

Step 2: Create Your Products

Step 3: Create Your Offers

Step 4: Design Your Order Forms

To add your order forms to a page, just use the AccessAlly shortcode adder!

Updated on March 12, 2019

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