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How To Create A “Magic Link” For Your Coupons

When using AccessAlly Order Forms & Promos (Coupons), it is possible to create a “magic link” that takes someone to an AccessAlly order form

When the magic link is used, the visitor will see the product’s reduced price (coupon applied) as in the example below:

This is a great tool to use in abandoned cart emails, since you can send your potential clients directly to the sales.

The code you’ll want to append to the end of your order form page URL is:


Step 1: Create Your Coupon

First, you’ll want to create your coupon/discount. If you need a refresher, please view the tutorials below:

Option 1: How to Create a Coupon In AccessAlly
Option 2: How To Create a One-Time Individual Coupon Via Your CRM

Step 2: Select the Coupon Code (Or Merge Field)

With your coupon created (or set up in the CRM), all you need is the coupon code itself.

Option 1
If you created the code inside AccessAlly, you can find it by going to: AccessAlly > Products > Promos

Then, under the coupon you created, find the code:

Screenshot of coupon code example

Option 2

If you set up a CRM-generated coupon, all you need is the corresponding merge field for the custom coupon field you set up (step 1).

In AccessAlly, you can add an order form to any published page. When you’re ready to create your magic link, simply take that same URL and append the following to the end of it:


For example:

  • My coupon code is: AAA
  • The order form URL is: MYSITE.COM/ORDER

Then, the magic link would appear as follows:

Updated on May 19, 2021

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