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How to Create A Course With Levels That Share Pages

Create a course with levels that share pages – a complex setup option for AccessAlly users.

Is this scenario right for you?

This is an advanced scenario for delivering your course content. It’s the perfect scenario for you if you’re creating a course that has different levels (example: DIY, Community, VIP) where higher levels have access to content in the lower levels.

Please note! There are many ways that you can create this type of course using AccessAlly. This video walkthrough will show you the simplest option but you can take this format and tweak it to make it work best for your course.

Step-by-Step Video Walkthrough


1Scenario Overview
2What this looks like for your participants - Frontend View
3Creating this in the AccessAlly Course Wizard - Backend View
4Adding Course Icons for Each Level
5Creating Your Order Form Offers, Products, and a Toggle
6Send out a Welcome Email

1. Scenario Overview

If you’re creating a course with multiple levels like DIY, Community, and VIP or Bronze, Silver, and Gold. You can use a Stage-Released Course and tags to create your course levels. Remember tags control access and as long as a user has a tag they are able to see the content. When a user does not have a tag this content is hidden from view.

2. What this looks like – frontend view

The image below is an example of what this looks like for a user that is at the highest level of your course. They have access to all three levels within your course. If a user purchases Level 1 they’ll see level 2 and level 3 as greyed-out icons. If they purchase Level 2 they’ll see Level 3 as a grey-out icon.

Course With Levels Example Image

3. What this looks like – backend view

Example Course Wizard Image

Example Module Tags in AccessAlly

Example Content Pages in AccessAlly

4. Course Icons for Each Level

Adding Course Icons

5. Creating Your Order Form Products, Offers, and a Toggle

Order Form with Toggle

6. Sending a Welcome Email

This walkthrough uses AccessAlly order forms (Offer > Automation) to give access to the course after successful payment.

Offer Image for AccessAlly Order Forms

You’ll want to send out a welcome email so your new participant can get back to the course at any time. This welcome email will be sent out from your CRM system using the Made_Purchase tag as the starting point of your sequence or automation.

  1. Made_Purchase tag – to start the sequence or automation in your CRM.
  2. Welcome email sent via your CRM – this can include login information if you’re storing passwords.
Updated on October 29, 2020

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