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Creating an Individual Coaching Client Dashboard Page

If you offer coaching or consulting alongside your courses or membership, it makes sense to bring everything under one roof (and one login!) for your clients.

Here’s an example of an individual coaching client dashboard that you can design in AccessAlly:

How To Create Your Coaching Client Section

Some AccessAlly users create one individual page per client, with one tag for each client… like “Coaching_Bob_Smith” but the downside of creating one individual page for each client is that these pages add up over time as your consulting practice grows.

Instead, we recommend using the AccessAlly Course Wizard to create a section that can be re-used for all of your clients… and that takes advantage of Private Notes to add in the personalized content for each person.

Screenshot of a client coaching portal

You can choose between the Stand Alone option for a super simple one-tag set up, which is what we recommend. However, if you do plan to unlock more resources over time or based on progress then the stage-release option will help you apply tags to different pages or downloads within this client portal.

Screenshot of a client portal

You can set up icons that help people navigate to the coaching section from your main page, if you also have courses and other content on a main dashboard apart from your coaching dashboard. If you plan to send everything client directly to this coaching page, then that isn’t as relevant.

Screenshot of an AccessAlly client portal

Finally, you can keep it simple with just one or a few coaching specific pages with content.

Remember, anything you put on these pages will be shared by all of your clients. All of the customization per-client is done in the methods below.

Including The Client’s Name

You can use a series of AccessAlly shortcodes to customize the “global client dashboard” page with their name, profile photo, or any other piece of information that you’ve collected through their profile.

Screenshot of a sample coaching dashboard

  • [accessally_user_firstname] – To insert the client’s first name
  • [accessally_profile_image] – To show their profile image (and allow them to edit/upload a new one)

Using Private Notes to Handle Individual Content

Now this is where most of the coaching client specific magic happens, using AccessAlly Pro’s ProgressAlly Private Notes.

There are a few different types of Private Notes, but the main one you’ll want to use to drop content for individual coaching clients onto your page is the “Admin Initiated Note”.

You’ll set these up on the page you just created for your client portal first:

Private Notes

From there you can use the Shortcode adder or block adder to insert each of the Private Notes into your page.

In my example from this video I’m using a Beaver Builder add-on to create an Accordion style setting, with the shortcode in each new accordion.

Once you’ve set up the section for each coaching call recording, or “customizable” personal section… You can go into ProgressAlly -> Private Notes and start submitting content for each coaching client.

In this example I’ve selected the Coaching page, and the specific note and now I can choose the client that I want to upload a recording or add notes and videos for.

The sky is the limit here, it doesn’t just need to be for call recordings… you could upload things for each client like contracts or other files, downloads, or videos that you record just for them.

You can also set up more “Question and Answer” type Private Notes, where you’ll receive an email from your client and be able to login and answer them directly. This creates a nice trail of correspondence that you can follow for each client, all in one place.

You’ll find more ideals for creating this type of coaching portal in this blog post.

Updated on August 20, 2020

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