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How to Set Up Notification Emails When Students Submit Homework

With AccessAlly Pro, you can set up notification emails when students submit homework via an admin reviewed private note. This is useful if you’re reviewing assignments, monitoring knowledge retention, or grading homework submission for your courses.

How To Use This Feature

When someone submits homework via a private note, you can set up email notifications to notify the admin and/or the person grading or reviewing the homework submissions.

This is a great feature to use if you grade homework assignments from your students, review submissions for learning retention, or provide specific feedback on submitted work.

Note:If you haven’t already created private notes for your students to submit homework assignments, that tutorial can be found here.

Step-by-Step Instructions

From your WordPress Dashboard go to > ProgressAlly > General Settings > Private Notes

Step 1: Enable notification setting

Scroll down to ‘Get notified when a member sends you a private note’
screenshot of private note - get notified setting

Step 2: Select frequency

Choose your frequency of notification: either once per day or as soon as a private note has been submitted.

screenshot of private note - select frequency

Step 3: Add notification email addresses

Add admin emails that you want to be notified. You can add multiple email addresses separated by commas.

screenshot of private note - add admin email addresses

Step 4: Update subject line prefix

Update your subject line prefix to something descriptive.
screenshot of private note - email subject line prefix

Step 5: Review and save

Completed section will look like this:

screenshot of private note - completed setup

Save changes.

This is what your email notification will look like when someone submits a homework private note:
screenshot of private note - email notification from inbox

Step 6: Reply to the private notes

You can reply to private notes by clicking on the link in your notification email or through the backend of your membership site.

On your WordPress Dashboard, click ProgressAlly > Private Notes > Reply.
screenshot of private note- reply section

There you’ll see the individual private notes and be able to approve without reply, reply, and/or close the private note.
Screenshot of private note - needs approval

Note: if you reply, the user will receive a notification email that you did reply, and you can find a tutorial about that here.


To test your notification emails:

  1. Create a new private note (any type will work, except the private course note, which does not send any notifications) and add it to a page on your site.
  2. In an incognito window, log into your WordPress site as a test user
  3. Submit the private note
  4. Check your inbox for the notification email.


If you didn’t receive the notification email as you expected, here’s what to do:

  • Double check the email frequency that you’ve set. Is it set to once per day or after each note submission? If the setting is incorrect, update the frequency setting (step 2 of this tutorial), save, then go back and test your private note submission again.
  • If the frequency is correct, double check that you’ve entered your notification email address(es) correctly (step 3 of this tutorial).
  • If the email addresses are entered correctly, double check your spam or junk folders.
    Hint: you can search your inbox for the subject line you’ve specified within ProgressAlly. We recommend setting up an email filter and/or folder for these notification emails to keep everything organized.
  • If you still cannot find the email in your inbox, please email us. We’d be happy to help you troubleshoot.
Updated on October 5, 2020

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