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AccessAlly Troubleshooting Guide

In this guide you’ll learn what to do to troubleshoot when your CRM and your AccessAlly site don’t seem to be communicating properly.

For example, if you’re seeing automations happening inside your CRM but the expected results aren’t being reflected on your AccessAlly site. Or vise versa, when an AccessAlly instruction doesn’t seem to make it your CRM to update a contact.

If at any point during this process you get stuck or confused, please reach out to us directly at your@accessally.com for support. This guide is considered fairly technical, and could also serve as a great resource to send to your website host or CRM company to help you troubleshoot.

Why It’s Important To Test Your Setup Before Going Live

AccessAlly works hand-in-hand with your CRM, giving you the opportunity to create a fully automated online course and membership area.

However, both systems are incredibly robust, and a single misstep during the setup process can cause frustrating errors for you and your clients.

Because of this, it’s supremely important to test (and re-test) each portion of your site as you set it up, so all errors can be caught before they affect the rest of your website.

General Setup

The first stage of setup includes installing AccessAlly on your website, configuring the General Settings, and integrating the plugin with your CRM and payment processor (PayPal and/or Stripe).

Commonly Seen Issues:

Your Admin User

Logged in as the admin user, As you create your AccessAlly site, you’ll want to test to make sure that each page has the proper permission tags, so that the only people who can access your content are the ones who purchased it.

However, the admin account doesn’t automatically get access to these pages: you’ll have to manually add and remove permission tags (tutorial here) or give the admin user all-access, so that you receive a free pass to all content on the site.

Method 1: Change Your Admin User to “All Access”

This method gives your admin user the ability to view all pages of the site, regardless of what tags are assigned where.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Log in as your WordPress Admin account
  2. Go to WordPress – Users and search for your admin user.
  3. Edit the user. Towards the end, there is a checkbox to give the user All-Access. Check this box and click “save”.

Method 2: Create a test user

This will be best to do to check your completed course to test your automation, tags, and emails that you send.
What you will want to do is follow this tutorial here to create a test user and use them for testing:

How to Test A Free Opt In

You’ve set up your course and opt-in… how do you make sure it works?

  1. Open up your opt-in form in an incognito window
  2. Submit the opt-in form using a brand new email address
  3. Check to make sure the new user is added to the CRM
  4. Make sure you can complete your login to the membership site

How to Test An Order Form

Next, you’ll want to test any order forms that are set up on your site. To do this, please follow this tutorial: How to Test Your Order Forms with Stripe or PayPal

Test Your Online Courses and Automations

This phase of testing should happen naturally, as you test the opt-ins and order forms. Some main things to look for include:
Free Course

  • Did you submit the opt-in form?
  • Is the email address saved in the CRM?
  • Were the right permission tags added?
  • Was this information synced with AccessAlly (via a webhook)?
  • Did the email confirmation go through successfully?

Paid Course

  • Did you make a test purchase with your order form?
  • Is the email address saved in the CRM?
  • Were the right permission tags added?
  • Was this information synced with AccessAlly (via a webhook)?
  • Did the email confirmation go through successfully?
Updated on December 5, 2018

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