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Why is the user’s CRM tag not syncing with AccessAlly?

Please review your CRM automation webhooks if you are experiencing issues with a user’s CRM tag not syncing with AccessAlly.

How Things Work

  1. A user will go to your website and they will opt-in/purchase using an order form or opt-in form.
  2. That form will then create a contact record in CRM, and apply a tag (trigger tag).
  3. The tag application then will trigger an automation.
  4. The automation then is configured with specific steps to add tags, and run an http post/webhook (the communication), send the welcome email, etc.

This http post/webhook is vital, as it tells Wordpress to create a user/update a user, and lets the CRM know all changes that were made, so the contact record is up to date for that user. This is the only way to create a user in AccessAlly and the only way to update an existing user.

Adding a tag manually in the CRM must trigger an automation so that the http post/webhook can take place. Without that triggering something, an update will not occur. The use of a trigger tag helps make it easier for manual updates.

What a CRM automation contains

Step 1 – A trigger tag – this tag can be applied to start the campaign

Step 2 – Course/page access tags – these are the tags that control the page access

Step 3 – HTTP post/webhook- this tells Wordpress to update the user and allows the communication

Step 4 – A wait period – This allows the systems to update as CRMs often have a queue of commands to go through, so your requests may be in the queue

Step 5 – Welcome email – An email you write to the user to let them know what’s to come! (Optional)

Once you have all areas of the automation published, you can then create a contact and apply the tag that triggers the needed tag application.


Here’s more information about how to create automations in the Automation Guide.


How do I sync my tags with AccessAlly Managed contacts?

A: Contacts with AccessAlly Managed are automatically synced… no extra steps needed.

Updated on November 16, 2023
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