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Using the My Account Profile Page

In this article you see how to use the AccessAlly my account profile page so your users can update their profile.

The My Account Profile Page

This page was created when you installed AccessAlly. You can find it under AccessAlly > Get Started > Key Pages > My Account/Profile click “Edit” button.

Alternatively go to WordPress > Pages > All Pages > Search to find this page.

Key Pages My Account Profile in AccessAlly

Editing the My Account Profile Page

My Account Profile Page Classic View in AccessAlly

The shortcode appears on the page in the Classic block. There are two options for customizing this shortcode:

  • yes – password option is visible
  • no – password option is hidden

[accessally_account_details_update update_password='yes']
[accessally_account_details_update update_password='no']

Here is an example with the password visible.

My Account Profile Page Default in AccessAlly

Here is an example with the password option hidden.

My Account Profile Password Off in AccessAlly

Keep in mind that you can use a page builder to customize this page. Remember to add the shortcode where you would like this displayed on your page.

User Interaction

When a user needs to update their account profile, they can do so easily on the page. Changes a user makes here will automatically be updated in the site and CRM.

My Account Profile Update User Experience

What logged in users can change on this page:

  • first name
  • last name
  • email address
  • company name (AccessAlly Managed)
  • phone number (AccessAlly Managed)
  • password (if visible)
Updated on April 25, 2024
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