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How to Limit the Number of Bonuses on an Order Form

Use the Promos feature to limit the number of bonuses purchased on an order form.

How To Use This Feature

Including a limited bonus on your order form allows you to offer incentives like:

  • Rewarding the first 10 buyers with additional bonus content
  • Giving out bonus content or rewards during the first 24 or 48 hours of a launch

The best part: since it’s all automated, you can walk away from your computer, confident that the bonus will end at the right time and/or once the designated number has been sold, without any manual management on your end.


Step 1: Create Offers

Create two separate Offers:

  • Offer 1: Your “main” content (without the bonus)
  • Offer 2: Main content + bonus

In the Automation tab of Offer #2, make sure the Payment Success Automation includes a tag that releases the bonus content.

GIF showing the automations tab in AccessAlly

Step 2: Limit the number of bonus offers sold

Go to AccessAlly > Products > Promos

Click on the yellow Add New Promotion button.

Screenshot from AccessAlly promo section

Configure your promotion with the following settings:

Configure how the promotion will affect the offer: Advanced Mode

Original Offer: Offer 1: Your “main” content (without the bonus)

Target Offer: Offer 2: Main content + bonus

How to activate this promotion: no coupon necessary

Active Time Frame: If your bonus offer has a limited time frame, enter the dates here.

Limit how many times the coupon can be used: If your bonus offer has a limited number of purchases, enter that number here. Add +1 for testing the order form.

Display a message when this promotion has been appliedx: (not necessary)

Screenshot of time frame and limited number settings from AccessAlly

Step 3: Make Your Order Form Live

Now, you’re ready to go.

Add the order form to your site using the shortcode adder. Select the Offer 1: Your “main” content (without the bonus) (created in Step 1) shortcode to display on the page.

How It Works

When someone who meets the promo criteria visits this page, they’ll see the bonus offer.

AccessAlly automatically “swaps” order forms behind the scenes for the duration of the promo. When the promotion ends, the bonus offer simply disappears, leaving the regular order form (without bonus content) in its place.


Test to make sure the promo redirect is functioning:

  1. Use the Active time frame setting on the promo you configured above. Set the end date to the nearest time in the future.
  2. Screenshot of time frame setting from AccessAlly promo area

  3. Once that time has passed, place a test purchase on the order form from an incognito or private browser

When you see the redirect is working properly according to the criteria you have set, and the automation tags for your bonus are applying correct, you know the configured set up is working properly.

Updated on October 12, 2020

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