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Members Getting Insufficient Permissions Page or Redirected to Login Page in AccessAlly

Are your members experiencing the following issues?

  • They click to a course page they should have access to, but get redirected to an insufficient permissions page
  • They're logged in and click to another page, and instead of seeing this page they get redirected to the Login Page again
  • Inconsistent access issues, where they should be able to see the content because they have the right tags but it's just not working as expected

Then you're experiencing a caching issue, which can be caused by a cache plugin or your website host.

If your AccessAlly site is hosted on SiteGround, you're experiencing these issues due to changes they made to their caching infrastructure.

Resolving Issues Caused by SiteGround

Unfortunately, we've not been able to get SiteGround to resolve the caching issues through their support channels. Other LMS plugin companies have also attempted to get SiteGround to fix their caching mechanism, but haven't been successful.

That means AccessAlly is no longer compatible with SiteGround, and that you'll need to move your AccessAlly site to another webhost. We have a more in-depth recommendation of LMS webhosts here, and you'll find instructions for migrating your site from SiteGround below.

The following are our two recommended web hosting solutions, and these are affiliate links so we earn a commission when you sign up through us. Our clients have not experienced any of the caching issues after switching to these hosting providers, and we stand behind our recommendation.

WP Engine Logo

WP Engine

This is the host we use ourselves, and highly recommend to all clients.

Kinsta Logo


This is another excellent host that can handle membership sites easily.

Switching Web Hosts

You can keep your AccessAlly set up and move to another webhost with just a short window of downtime, when you follow these instructions.

Web Host Migration

Find out how to move to one of our recommended website hosts. This guide will make it as painless as possible, with step by step directions.

Updated on November 15, 2023
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