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How To Show Progress For All Course Pages

Using AccessAlly, you can display progress for an entire course. At a very basic level, you can track a user’s progress on a per-page basis.

However, you can also link the checklists together, which allows you to show progress for your entire course (instead of simply tracking individual modules or lessons).

How to Set Up Course-Wide Progress Tracking

1. Create a new Course Tracking page in WordPress.

This is a page that is going to stay behind the scenes and only used to create the objectives that will track the progress for all your modules.

2.Add page/post objectives:

You’ll make each objective on this page point to all of your other module pages

Page Tracking Objectives

3.Add a Progress Bar to the Main Course Page

Finally, add a progress bar to your main course page that points to the “Course Tracking” page that you just created.

Progress Pie Chart

4. Your Final Product:

Once your members start to complete their lessons will be able to see their progress where you placed the shortcode..

Progress Tracking Display

Updated on July 9, 2021

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