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How to Use Infusionsoft E-Commerce with AccessAlly

Infusionsoft and AccessAlly both include ecommerce features that allow you to create and sell products on your website.

When you integrate the two systems, there is a lot of potential overlap that can quickly become confusing.

Please review the options available to you carefully on this page to find the setup/integration that works best for you.

Setup Options Available for Your Ecommerce System

There are three ways you can use Infusionsoft ecommerce features with AccessAlly

BEST FOR: All users

We highly recommend that AccessAlly users opt for this mode of setup, as it allows all AccessAlly features to work as advertised.

With this setup, you will simply not use Infusionsoft’s ecommere features at all. Instead, use AccessAlly for all of your ecommerce needs (one-time purchases, payment plans, subscriptions, trial periods, etc.).

The benefit of this setup is that you can use AccessAlly to sell and manage your products, and all features will work as advertised.

With AccessAlly, you do have the option to link your products with those that exist inside Infusionsoft. This option may be helpful for setups with large numbers of products created in Infusionsoft before moving to AccessAlly.

This allows you to:

  • Sell products using AccessAlly order forms
  • Manage all orders inside AccessAlly (which is especially important for subscriptions).
  • Use Infusionsoft’s sales reporting features
  • Use AccessAlly for Metrics

3. Use Infusionsoft’s Order Forms

Finally, you might choose to ignore all of AccessAlly’s ecommerce features entirely, and use Infusionsoft’s order forms, instead for selling, managing, and reporting on your online sales.

Please note that this setup does mean that some of AccessAlly’s features will NOT work for you.

Features that you will NOT be able to use include:

  • One-click upsells
  • Abandoned Cart Follow Up (as outlined in the AccessAlly tutorials)
  • Instant Access to a purchased course or membership (via On Demand login)
  • Any of AccessAlly’s Subscription Management options (pause, cancel, add credits, and revoke subscriptions via the purchase log)
  • AccessAlly Metrics Dashboard (sales reporting, customer churn, etc.)
  • The AccessAlly Affiliate Feature – you will use the Infusionsoft Affiliate feature as orders are being placed through Infusionsoft forms.
If you opt for this setup, please make sure all order forms apply the appropriate “Made Purchase” tag when the order is placed successfully. If they do, you can use the automation setup tutorials as outlined in AccessAlly’s documentation, since they will be triggered appropriately.
Updated on October 28, 2020

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