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How to Update Credit Card Info in AccessAlly When Using Ontraport

If you are using Ontraport’s order forms with AccessAlly, please follow this tutorial to learn how you can allow your users to update their credit cards for recurring subscription orders. (For any other integrated CRM, please see this tutorial to use AccessAlly’s shortcodes.)

Your members will be able to add new credit cards and process payments directly in AccessAlly (yes, even if they purchased initially through an ONTRAForm).

Update ONTRAPORT credit card

What was changed?

Recently, Ontraport changed the way in which they store credit cards. Previously, only 1 credit card is stored for each client, so a new card overwrites the old one. With the September 2017 Ontraport change, multiple credit cards are kept for each client, and you can see the list in CREDIT CARD DETAILS section.

New credit cards added through AccessAlly will appear in the list, but they will not be auto-selected as the default payment method. You will need to manually update the payment method for existing subscriptions so the new credit card is used for future payments.

Step 0: The shortcode stays the same

Good news! You don’t need to make any change to the “Update Credit Card Information” shortcode ([accessally_credit_card_update]). It will continue to work as before.

Simply use the AccessAlly Shortcode Adder to add it to any page with SSL.

Credit card shortcode adder

Step 1: Enable notification on credit card update

Because manual changes might be required when clients add new cards, AccessAlly can send you notifications when that happens. You can enter your email(s) to receive the notification in AccessAlly -> User Account Ops -> Credit Card. Optionally, you can also customize the email subject prefix so you can filter the notification emails to its own folder.

Step 2: Change payment method for existing subscription

Select the subscription to change, and click on “Edit Order”.

Select the new credit card in the “Payment Info” section and click “SUBMIT” to save.

You can also take a look at the Ontraport tutorial for more info.

Enabling Update Credit Cards Inside AccessAlly

Step 1: Go to AccessAlly > User Account Ops

STEP 2: Enable Credit Card Management

Check the box to enable this shortcode.

Enable payments

STEP 3: Add shortcode to page

Add the shortcode [accessally_credit_card_update] to the page of your choice.

What Happens When Someone Updates Their Credit Card?

A client can now update their card right inside your AccessAlly site.

The question is: does making the new card the “default card” also change payment method for existing subscriptions?

The answer: It does change the default card to the new one, but you will need to update the payment method for existing subscriptions manually.

Updated on May 15, 2018

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