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How To Set Up An “Update Credit Card Information” Page For Your Clients

This tutorial is ONLY applicable if you are using AccessAlly Products. If you are using another e-commerce system, please see this guide, instead.

With AccessAlly products, you can set up a page so that your clients can update their own credit card info. This is extremely helpful if you are selling subscriptions or products with recurring payments, since the credit cards must be charged multiple times, and may expire or otherwise become invalid during this time.

When to use it:

If you are using AccessAlly Products, these two shortcodes will list current (and past) orders and subscriptions for your users. The shortcodes also allow the user to manually charge an overdue balance on their account. For the subscription shortcode, the user can also edit the credit card info on file.

* Credit card information can only be displayed on pages secured with HTTPS. Please contact your server host if you need help with the SSL certificate installation.


[accessally_list_order] and [accessally_list_subscription]

To create an automated follow-up sequence when a credit card is rejected, please see this tutorial:

Video Tutorial

Written Tutorial

STEP 1: Enable the necessary shortcodes

To enable the necessary shortcode, please go to AccessAlly -> User Account Ops -> Orders


Note: the credit card information used by the recurring payments MUST be updated as part of the [accessally_list_subscription] shortcode display.

If you are using Infusionsoft as your CRM: the [accessally_credit_card_update] shortcode will ONLY update the credit card info stored in the CRM, NOT the one used to process the subscription with AccessAlly subscriptions.

STEP 2: Go to AccessAlly > User Account Ops > Orders

Here, you can enable the list existing orders/subscriptions feature.

STEP 3: Add Shortcode(s) to page

Next, open up the page you’d like to add the shortcodes to.

Hit “publish” (or “update”).

The information will appear as follows:

Updated on January 29, 2018

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