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How to Run a Presell Launch for an Online Course or Membership in AccessAlly

With the right setup, it is easy to run a presell launch for an online course or membership built on AccessAlly.

Many launches run on a presell format with three distinct phases. The pre-launch phase, where emails are actively collected on a waitlist. Then comes the presell phase, where buyers purchase the course or membership, (in a true presell launch, they won’t gain access to content until the presell launch is over). Finally, the shopping cart closes and all buyers receive access to the course or membership content at the same time.

The setup includes many moving pieces, but can be easily set up with AccessAlly.

Presell Checklist

1. Create an Opt-In Form For Your Waitlist

If you have a waitlist or want to create one, create a new opt-in form. Make sure that it will apply a unique tag to whomever signs up. (Example tag name: 2019_Membership_Waitlist)

This tag can be used to segment the subscribers, so that you can send them presell emails, or simply a “launch is live” notification.

2. Create an Order Form With a Trial Period

With your opt-in form actively collecting emails for your launch waitlist, it’s time to set up the order form itself. Set this up however you’d like, with one change: in most cases, you’ll add the “has access” tag to the order form, giving users instant permission to access course material.

However, if you want everyone to receive access on the same day no matter what date they purchased, you may wish to simply use the “Made_Purchase” tag to trigger an automation inside your CRM. This automation starts as soon as the Made_Purchase tag is added, BUT includes a wait timer, so that subsequent permission tags are not given to users until the date of your choice.

Quick Tip! If you’d like to easily identify participants of each new launch cycle you can create a unique tag for each cycle and add it to your AccessAlly Order Form along with the Made_Purchase tag. Example: Spring_2020_Participant

Running a a prelaunch for a subscription, where members will be charged every month? You might want to use the “Start Subscription on a Specific Date” feature, so all users are charged on the 1st of the month, for example.

3. When Launch is Live, Add Order Form to Page

When your launch/presell period is live and you’re ready for people to start buying, you might do any (or all) of the following:

  • Add the order form to a page and run a test order to make sure it’s working properly
  • Let your waitlist know it’s time to order (send an email to everyone with the “2019_Membership_Waitlist” tag).

4. When Launch Closes…

When it’s time for the launch to close, simply remove the order form from the page (or make it otherwise inaccessible by un-publishing the page).

Have questions about your unique presell scenario? Our support team is only an email away!

Updated on November 16, 2023
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