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How to Manually Add a Commission to An Affiliate

Word-of-mouth referral purchases can be manually added to the appropriate affiliate when you’re using AccessAlly’s built-in affiliate program.

When Manually Adding a Commission is Necessary

There are a few “special” scenarios where you might need to manually add an affiliate to an order that’s already been placed on your site:

  • If a client makes a purchase following a word-of-mouth referral (without clicking on the appropriate affiliate link
  • A one-off commission for an affiliate bonus (special commission payout).

In either case, the customer (or affiliate) might contact you to request that the order be attributed to a particular affiliate. (Whether you opt to honor these requests is, of course, totally up to you.)

Are you looking for a way to change the commission on an order from one affiliate to another? See this tutorial: How to Reassign an Affiliate to an Order

Tutorial: How to Manually Add a Commission to An Affiliate

Step 1: Locate the Affiliate ID

First, please locate the affiliate’s contact ID by going to AccessAlly > Affiliate > Affiliates .

You can use the search function to easily locate the correct affiliate. The Contact ID is clearly indicated in the record.

Please copy this contact ID. You’ll need it in Step 3 of this tutorial.

Step 2: Locate the Correct Order

Now, go to AccessAlly > Purchase Log.

Locate the correct order that you would like to add the affiliate commission to. Once located, click on the ID number.

Step 3: Add Affiliate to Order

Once inside the order details, scroll down until you reach the Affiliate Information area. Click on the yellow Change Order Affiliate button.

This will reveal additional settings:

  • Affiliate Type: If you’re using the AccessAlly affiliate system, please select that option.
  • Affiliate Contact ID: Please copy/paste the Contact ID that you retrieved in Step 1 of this tutorial.

Then, click on the yellow Update Order Affiliate button.

Step 4: Confirm Change Has Been Successful

Once the change is successful, you will see the new affiliate information appear.

Special Scenarios: Manual Additions to Affiliate Account

Please note that the tutorial above outlines the preferred method of manually adding a commission to an affiliate. If your use case falls outside the scope of the above scenario, perhaps in a situation where the order was not placed through AccessAlly, please review the additional tutorial below.

Step 1: Access Affiliate Profile

Log into your AccessAlly site and go to AccessAlly > Affiliate > Affiliates. Click on the Contact ID to view the affiliate information.

Step 2: Add Record

Now, you can click on the yellow Manually add a record button.

This will open up additional settings:
Date = the date you want to be associated with this particular record addition.
Select the Entry Type:

  • Commission = A commission that should be attributed to an affiliate based on a previous order.
  • Payout = A payout made for that affiliate.
  • Clawback = A referral purchase that was refunded.
  • Amount and Currency = you can select any currency that’s configured in AccessAlly’s General Settings.
  • Description = write as much description here as you would like recorded with this particular record change scenario. This description will also appear on the “front end”, so the affiliate will be able to view it.

Once your changes are made, click on the yellow Add Commission Entry button.

Updated on October 28, 2020

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