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A List of Customization Elements For AccessAlly Order Forms

AccessAlly’s order forms are flexible in design and content.

Currently, there are 23 different elements that you can add to the default order form style for design, clarity, and functionality purposes:

How to Add An Element To Your Order Form

When you are in the AccessAlly > Products > Order Form Design screen, simply click into the order form you’d like to add an element to (or create a new one).

Note that customization elements only appear in the “Flexible” templates.

Inside the template, locate the + buttons attached to each section. Click on the one association with the section where you would like to add the element.

Once added, the new element will always appear at the very bottom of the section. To move it elsewhere, drag and drop.

How to Further Customize Each Element

Once the new element is added to the correct section (and moved to the exact location where you wish it to appear), there are some further customization options available.

To access these customization options, click on the element and a new popup box will appear.

The customization options of each element differ slightly.
Updated on June 5, 2019

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