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[Guide] Create Private Notes & Homework in AccessAlly Pro

AccessAlly Pro allows you to create a few different types of “private notes”. These can be used as a private notepad for your course users or as a homework submission tool. Please take time to watch the video on this page to learn more about this unique and helpful feature.

Video Tutorial

Note: in order for you to receive admin notifications, you must configure the "Admin emails" option in ProgressAlly -> General Settings -> Private Notes

Types of Notes:

Currently, there are five different types of Private Notes:

Private Course Note

The Private Course note type allows a user to write down notes specific to the module / course. The admin(s) will NOT be notified when the user writes down a note. Users can update their own notes as often as needed.

This is a great option if you want your course users to make notes on the materials in your online courses/membership site.

User-specific question and answer

This note type can be used for one-time questions asked by your course users. Admin(s) can then reply to the questions. Once the reply has been sent, the user will be notified and they can no longer change/alter the text in the note section.

Admin-initiated comment

An admin-initiated comment allows admins to add a comment / content to a page that is specific to each user. The users are not notified when the comment is created, nor can they reply to the comment – it will simply appear as text on a page.

Use this to make your course pages even more personal for each user!

Admin reviewed answer

This note type is used in conjunction with the Note objective. The corresponding note objective is only marked as completed when the admin(s) approve the submitted content.

When the user submits content via this note type, the admin will be notified. Then, the admin can review the answer and approve it. Once approved, the user will be notified and can no longer change the note content.


The custom note type includes additional customization options (shown below) so you can mix and match features to create your own note type.

This functionality is extremely useful if you want to set up a Coaching Client dashboard to upload client calls or videos. See the full tutorial for setting that up here.

Updated on May 10, 2019

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