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How to Create An Interactive Dashboard For Your Membership Site Using Course Icons

AccessAlly includes a unique, interactive dashboard feature that creates organic upsell opportunities for your free and paying members.The icons (configured when you use the Course Wizard) can be added to a page usingthe [accessally_icon] shortcode. Once added, it will display the enabled icon if the user has permission to the course and the disabled one if the user does not have permission.

You can use this to create unique upsell and cross-sell opportunities inside your membership site.

Not sure where your disabled icon is redirecting to? Please check the settings for that course inside the Course Setup Wizard.

Video Tutorial: How To Create Your Dashboard and Add Course Icons

This video tutorial will show you how to take the course icons (automatically assigned to your course in the AccessAlly Course Wizard) and create a visual dashboard with them.


How to Use the Shortcode Adder For Your Course Icons

On any WordPress post or page, you can use the AccessAlly shortcode adder located in the toolbar to easily add any course icon to your page.

Press here to reveal tutorial

The process is simple:

Step 1: Click on the Shortcode Adder button

Step 2: Select the appropriate course icon

Clicking on the dropdown will reveal your website’s pages. Select the main page for the course you’ve created.

Step 3: Add Icon to Page

Click on the yellow INSERT SHORTCODE button to add the icon to the page.

Step 4: Add Styling, Etc.

By default, the shortcode only shows the course icon as you’ve configured it in the AccessAlly Course Wizard settings for your course.

If you’d like it to appear in a different size, or create several columns of icons, you must use CSS styling or use your theme’s design tools (if applicable).

Updated on November 27, 2018

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