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What Happens If I Don’t Want to Use AccessAlly’s E-Commerce Functionality to Sell My Products?

We recommend using AccessAlly’s order forms to sell your digital products, online courses, and memberships, simply because it is fully integrated with the entire AccessAlly/CRM system.

However, we do understand that, in some cases, you may choose to use a separate ecommerce tool for the order form/purchase.

If this is the case, the required integration must happen between your CRM and the ecommerce tool. (In other words: the only way AccessAlly can “respond” to a new purchase is through the tags in your CRM system.)

How A Third-Party ECommerce Tool Setup Might Look

The ideal flow for a third-party ecommerce tool + your CRM would be as follows:

  • Every time an order is placed, the customer’s information is sent/added to your CRM
  • The new customer’s information includes a unique tag that indicates which product the user purchased
  • The unique tag is used to trigger an automation that tells AccessAlly to create a user (via a webhook/HTTP post) with the appropriate permissions.
Unfortunately, we are NOT able to provide support for issues that occur because of a third-party plugin setup.

Third-Party Setup Tutorials

A common reason to use a third party shopping cart might be because you were already using it before starting with AccessAlly, and you don’t want to change your set up.

In this case, you’ll find more details on these integrations here:

Updated on August 21, 2019

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