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Allow Clients To “Update Credit Card Info” When Using Ontraport Order Forms

If you are using Ontraport’s order forms with AccessAlly (rather than AccessAlly’s built-in order form feature), you will need to use a special shortcode if you want your users to be able to update their own credit card information inside the membership site.

Q: Why is this a different process, depending on which order forms you are using?
A: If you are using the built-in AccessAlly order forms, credit card information is stored in Stripe and NOT Ontraport.



With AccessAlly products, you can set up a page so that your clients can update their own credit card info. This is extremely helpful if you are selling subscriptions or products with recurring payments, since the credit cards must be charged multiple times, and may expire or otherwise become invalid during this time.

The shortcode needed to update this credit card information inside Ontraport (which is where their payment info is stored when using Ontraport’s order forms) is:


Use the shortcode adder to insert this shortcode into whatever WordPress page you are directing clients to, when asking them to update their credit card information.

Updated on February 12, 2019

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