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AccessAlly – General Settings Tab

Here is an overview of the options you’ll find under AccessAlly > Settings > General Settings

CRM Integration

This shows the options for how your site is integrated with your desired CRM system. The view of this tab varies depending on what CRM you are using with AccessAlly.

Key Pages

Lists the key pages that are in use on your site. These pages are automatically created for you when setting up the AccessAlly plugin, but can be manually changed if needed.

Key Pages Tab

Display Settings

General Settings Tab

  1. Protected Content – this option is automatically enabled when installing the plugin
  2. Page Selection Options – can be adjusted if using large amounts of custom post types on your site. By default this will be set to “All Pages, Posts and custom posts
  3. Time Zone – set the time zone for your site
  4. Date Display Format – select how AccessAlly displays the date on your site
  5. Member Profile Image – option to use only the AccessAlly profile image instead of Gravitar (default)
  6. WordPress display name
  7. Always enable “found posts” filters
  8. Traffic driven CRM info update
  9. Website URL
  10. WordPress User profile Tab Display
  11. Legacy User Management Settings Page

Zapier Integration

If you would like to integrate Zapier with AccessAlly. Find out more about our Zapier integration here.

Zapier Integration

Opt-in Captcha

If you would like to use captcha on AccessAlly opt-in forms. Find out more about captcha here.

Opt-in Captcha

Migration Tools

If you are migrating to AccessAlly from another WordPress plugin or online platform you can visit this tab for important steps in the migration process.

Visit the Full Migration Guide

Migration Tools

Updated on December 12, 2022

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