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Why It’s Important To Use An Incognito Window When Testing Your Website

When you’re testing AccessAlly, it’s important to start with an incognito (sometimes called private browsing) window. This page will help you understand why this matters, as well as show how to access this browsing mode on some of the major browsers.

Why It’s Important To Use An Incognito Window When Testing Your AccessAlly Website

AccessAlly is, on a fundamental level, a page-protection tool that allows registered users to log into your website and access a specific set of content. When you log into the site on your regular browser, you will remain logged in until you log back out again.

However, if you are logged in as an admin user, you will often have different permissions than your regular paying clients. This can cause difficulties for testing and troubleshooting possible issues since the issues simply don’t exist for you the way that they might for your other users.

Using an incognito window makes it possible to log into your site as a “test” user, with none of your admin history remembered on the browser. This means that you can view everything the way your clients see it and identify any tech or setup issues that need to be resolved.

How to Access An Incognito / Private Browsing Window

Chrome Browser

Safari Browser

Firefox Browser

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Updated on July 5, 2022

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