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Level 2 Affiliate Commissions

When you create an affiliate program, it’s possible to automate level 2 affiliate commissions. In this scenario:

Bob is a current affiliate for your program. He recruits two friends to sign up for the affiliate program through his link. Now, Bob receives a commission percentage for every sale that his two friends make through their own affiliate program links.

This is an optional feature that is a helpful tool if you’re actively building out an affiliate program and want to incentivize affiliates to recruit new people to promote and sell your products/courses.

However, please be aware that this is an advanced feature. The testing and troubleshooting required to make sure your setup is properly configured requires a full understanding of how the affiliate system works inside AccessAlly.

How to Set Up A Level 2 Affiliate

1. Enable Level 2 Affiliate

Open up the affiliate tier you would like to add a level 2 affiliate to. Under the Level-2 commission tab, check the Enable box.

2. Configure Commission Details

When the Enable box is checked, you will be able to configure the rest of the settings:

Screenshot of Level 2 Affiliate Commission settings

  • Level-2 tracking active window – This setting determines for how long level-2 purchases will be attributed to this affiliate. Enter -1 to attribute indefinitely.
  • Level-2 commission percentage – This percentage is used to calculate the level-2 affiliate commission amount based on client payments.
  • Level-2 commission duration – This setting only affects recurring payments. Level-2 Affiliates will receive commission for payments made within the specified duration (in days). Enter -1 to pay out level-2 commission indefinitely.
  • Level-2 product-specific overwrite – You can assign specific commission schedule for each individual product.

When the settings are configured, please click on the yellow Save Changes button before exiting this area.

Updated on October 14, 2020

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