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How to Use Infusionsoft Affiliate Tracking With AccessAlly

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You can use the Infusionsoft affiliate tracking functionality on your membership site when you integrate with AccessAlly.

AccessAlly offers unique ways to enhance your affiliates’ experience when integrated with the Infusionsoft affiliate system. With this integration, you can create your referral links and display all of your affiliate materials, styled and branded from inside your membership site.

This gives you a great opportunity to design the entire affiliate experience, if you want a different display or setup than the Infusionsoft affiliate area provides.

Infusionsoft Affiliate Tracking & AccessAlly Order Forms

No additional setup is needed if you are using AccessAlly’s order forms, which can be linked to products you’ve set up inside Infusionsoft. Your Infusionsoft affiliate tracking will work as designed, and affiliates will be properly credited for each order.

How Infusionsoft Affiliate Tracking Works With AccessAlly

The AccessAlly membership and online course plugin has a deep, two-way-street integration with Infusionsoft. What that means for your Infusionsoft affiliate tracking links is that you can create a full affiliate area right inside your membership site:

  • Create dynamic links and add them to your membership site, so your affiliates can easily access everything they need to promote your programs.
  • Display affiliate sales and ledgers that update automatically each day, so your affiliates always know where they stand.
  • Create an affiliate leaderboard to use for promotions, to make everything a bit more fun and competitive.

How to Set Up Your Infusionsoft Affiliate Tracking Inside Your Membership Site

Simply follow through each of the video tutorials on this page to set up your own affiliate area inside your AccessAlly membership site.

Tutorial: How To Display Affiliate Sales And Ledgers Inside AccessAlly

Tutorial: How To Set Up Your Affiliate Signup Form in Infusionsoft

Here is the HTML code used in the tutorial to hide the username and password fields in the affiliate signup form:

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/ambitionally/affiliate/affiliate-signup-infusionsoft.min.js">

Updated on November 16, 2023
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