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How to Tag Users Who Use a Coupon

Using AccessAlly’s Advanced Promo setup, you can tag users who use a coupon.

When Should You Use This Setup?

This setup is helpful when you would like to send advanced follow-up email sequences through your CRM to clients who used a coupon code to purchase a product.


This is an advanced, nuanced setup. Essentially, the “advanced” coupon code you create will substitute Order Form #1 for Order Form #2.

1. Create Your Primary Offer

First, create your primary offer (without a discount).

This offer is the full-price version.

Save changes.

2. Duplicate Your Primary Offer

Now, duplicate the offer you created in step 1. This will be the discounted offer that users will see after they apply the coupon code.

Please make sure that:

  • The pricing of this offer reflects the necessary discount
  • The Automation tab should also include the tag you’d like to use for tagging coupon users (see screenshot immediately below)

Applied coupon

3. Configure the Promo Settings

Go to: AccessAlly > Products > Promos and click on the Add New Promo button.

Here, you’ll want to make sure that both Offer 1 (no discount) and Offer 2 (with discount and coupon tag) are configured in the settings:

Advanced Coupon Settings to tag users who use a coupon

4. Add Offer 1 to a Page & Test

Finally, use the shortcode adder to add Offer 1 (no discount) to a page.

How do you know if it’s configured properly?

1. Open the order form page in an incognito window
2. Use the coupon code from Step 3 while submitting a test order
3. Check your contact in the CRM to make sure that the coupon tag shows up properly.

Updated on October 12, 2020

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