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How to Delete A Test User from AccessAlly

In all scenarios, we highly recommend that you create multiple test users to make sure each of your automations runs properly inside your AccessAlly site (from free opt ins to order forms and team license setup). You can delete a test user from AccessAlly after you’ve tested your opt-ins, order forms, and membership site.

Once your initial testing period is complete, you might want to delete test users from your site, simply to keep things clean (or so that you can reuse your testing emails in the future)

Note: it is not necessary to delete test users from your site.

To delete a test user from your site:

Step 1: Stop Any Active Subscriptions

First, go to: AccessAlly’s Purchase Log area to stop / revoke any active Subscriptions for that test user.

(If you don’t do this, the card on file will still be charged as planned, even without an active user tied to the order.)

Step 2: Delete the User inside WordPress

Next, go to: Users > All Users. Here, search for the test user by email and delete their account.

Step 3: Delete the User inside your CRM

Since deleting the user inside WordPress won’t affect your CRM list (which is an entirely separate system), you’ll also have to log into your CRM and delete the user there, as well.

Once you’ve completed all three steps, your user is gone and you can reuse the email as needed for future testing.

Updated on November 16, 2023

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