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How to Create a “Simple” Subscription Upgrade

Simple upgrades work well when you choose to have different “tiers” of access within your membership site.

For example, a “Silver membership” (with access to only one course) subscriber might want to upgrade their membership to the “Gold” level (with access to more content).

In a simple upgrade, you don’t want the user to lose access to any content they currently have, but you do want them to pay for additional access.

The tutorial on this page walks you through the setup of a simple upgrade. Please read each step carefully to determine how it will work in your own unique scenario.

Step 1: Set Up Your Products

First, set up your products (Tutorial).

In our example scenario, you would need to set up a “Silver” product and a “Gold” product.

Step 2: Create Your Offer

Now, create an offer as you normally would. Then, add the upgrade as shown in the video:

Step 3: Embed The Order Form Inside Your Membership Site

Lastly, make sure to embed the order form inside your membership site.

If a user is not logged in, the order form will only appear as a simple purchase (no replacement will occur).

Updated on May 18, 2018

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