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How to Create a Payment Plan Payoff

Are you offering payment plans for your high-priced products? If so, you may wish to offer a “payment plan payoff” to your clients, so they have the option to easily pay off the remaining balance whenever they choose.

Step 1: Set Up Your Products

First, set up your products (Tutorial).

Typically, you would have a “one-time-payment” product, and a separate product set up for the payment plan option.

Step 2: Create Your Offer

Now, create two offers as you normally would – one for the one-time payment, the other for the payment plan.

Then, add the payoff option as shown in this video:

Step 3: Embed The Order Form Inside Your Membership Site

Lastly, make sure to embed the order form inside your membership site.

The screenshot below demonstrates what a logged-in user might see if the payments are prorated (the “total” price crossed out, with the pro-rated remainder below).

If a user is not logged in, the order form will only appear as a simple purchase (no replacement will occur).

Pro Tip:

If you are in the Product Log area of AccessAlly, the “replaced” payment plan will appear with a “finished” tag on it, as in this screenshot:

Updated on May 21, 2018

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