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How to Create A Frequency Switch Option For Subscriptions

Subscription management should be easy for your members, and this functionality built into AccessAlly gives members a lot of freedom.

If you’re offering monthly and annual subscription options for your clients, you might have members asking to switch from one to the other. Allow members to initiate a switch, either from monthly to annual, or vice versa is helpful and will help you cut down on administration, too.

You might also have different levels or membership tiers, and want to make it easier for people to switch between tiers as their needs change throughout your membership’s lifetime.

Please note: the ability to switch between offers is not available for PayPal subscriptions.

Example of a Subscription Switch Panel

Not sure what you might want your subscription management section to look like? Here’s an example from AccessAlly itself, which shows you the current plan you’re on and gives you ability to choose between monthly or yearly plans for the two levels.

Self managed subscriptions

Designing such a subscription management section is a matter of setting up a new page on your site (or putting this section on an existing “my profile” page) and then embedding the correct shortcodes to show each section for only the members who need to see them.

Once someone clicks on the link for the subscription they want to switch to, it will take them to a single page with the order form for that plan… and since they are logged in, they will be “switched” to this plan without needing to enter their credit card details again.

This will happen on a pro-rated basis, so previous payments will count toward the new subscription.

Here’s how.

Step 1: Set Up Your Products

First, set up your products (Tutorial).

Typically, you would have a “monthly subscription” product, and a separate “annual subscription” product set up.

You might also have different tiers of subscriptions, say an entry-level and a VIP level.

Step 2: Create Your Offer

Now, create two offers as you normally would:

One offer for the monthly subscription, another for the annual subscription.

Then, add the frequency switch option as shown in this video:

Step 3: Embed The Order Form Inside Your Membership Site

Lastly, embed the order form inside your membership site.

If you already have order form for this particular subscription, you can simply link to it from a “manage subscription” page, and if the member is logged in – they will be able to switch to it by clicking the “Pay Now” button.

If a user is not logged in, the order form will only appear as a simple purchase (no replacement will occur).

Updated on October 30, 2020

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