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How To Create A Custom Certificate

Create a custom certificate to celebrate online course completion for your course and membership users.

How Custom Certificates Work

AccessAlly Pro allows you to issue certificates of completion for your users upon completion of the course objectives. You can add autogenerated certificates through the use of a template and creating the settings in AccessAlly Pro.

With the certificate creation tool, you can customize your template to add the users name, sizing, and alignment amongst other offerings. With a simple drag and drop, you can place the content into your template into your preferred location.

The certificates can be issued on the full completion of the course (all objectives completed). The certificate will be available in a PDF download and can be easily added to your page through the use of shortcodes.

Users will be taken through your objectives you have offered (quiz, video watching, etc) and once they are fully completed, the certificate will be available for them to download and retain.

Important: Please export your certificate templates using “PDF 1.4”. This is the standard PDF format that is the most compatible, and you can create your templates using Word, Pages, Photoshop, or any other program that exports to PDF.

Download the sample Certificates of Completion template PDFs here.

Showing a Certificate On Completion (Quiz or Otherwise)

If you only want people to be able to download their certificate after the pass a quiz or complete a section (that’s natural!), then follow these steps.

First create your page’s objectives – whether that’s passing the quiz on this page, or completing objectives on an overall course.

Then insert a shortcode:

Select “Progess-based display” to insert this shortcode onto the page.

Progress Completion Shortcode Adder

Now inside that shortcode (your cursor will automatically be in the right place), insert the “Download Certificate” shortcode.

Now this section of the page will only show up after all of the objectives on this page are complete!

Troubleshooting Your Certificate Uploads

If you’re trying to upload a PDF certificate and you’re getting an error, or it fails to upload almost immediately then it’s possible that ProgressAlly wasn’t able to create the upload folder due to server settings.

The solution is to create the upload folder that ProgressAlly uses manually, either using FTP or your CPanel from your host.

You’ll want to navigate to your WordPress directory and/or subdomain where you have AccessAlly installed, and create the folder here:


Once you’ve created the new folder called “progressally-certificate” under the uploads folder, you will be able to upload certificates successfully.

If you’re still encountering errors after creating this folder (along the lines of an “Incorrect output destination” error), you can go to:

ProgressAlly -> General Settings -> Advanced -> Certificate preview loading

Enable PDF Certificate Preview

This should only be necessary in a small number of cases.

Updated on October 30, 2020

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