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How To Set Up A Domain on WP Engine in AccessAlly

In this article we’ll cover adding a domain on WPEngine and pointing it to the subdomain you’ll be using for your AccessAlly site.

The Reveal

By the time you finish this article you will have added a new install to your WPEngine account and have pointed this site to your desired domain name online.

New Site on WPEngine

WPEngine Support

Hosting screenshots change often! If you get stuck here is the most updated WPEngine article on adding a domain.

You can also reach out to WPEngine chat support.

1. Login to your WP Engine admin panel

Then click on “Add Site” in top right hand navigation.

WPEngine Add Site

2. Get Started

Choose how you would like to have your site created. In most cases you’ll select start with a blank site unless you are doing a migration.

WPEngine Get Started

2. Add site name and environment

Follow the steps to name your site. The name you choose will become the environment name which can not be changed later. Set this site to Production (live) unless you are working on a migration.

WPEngine Add site step 2

3. Site being built message

You will receive an email when your new site is ready.

WPEngine Site Being Built

4. Point to your domain

Click on the dots, then click on domains.

WPEngine Point Domain

5. Click “Add domain”

WPEngine Add Domain

6. Enter the domain name you would like to use.

We recommend using a subdomain. If your site URL is “membershipsthatscale.com” you might choose something like “members.membershipsthatscale.com” or “programs.membershipsthatscale.com”.

See why we recommend using a subdomain in this article.

WPEngine Add Domain

7. Point DNS

Go to where you purchase your domain names to point your new WPEngine site to your subdomain. This step varies depending on where you buy your domain names. You can click the WPEngine help link for more information.

WPEngine chat support can also assist you with this process!

WPEngine DNS details shown below.

WPEngine DNS Details

Example of this added to GoDaddy (a popular domain name provider.)

Subdomain in GoDaddy

8. Add Let’s Encrypt SSL

Click on the install name of your new site.

WPEngine Install Complete

Click SSL in the sidebar

WPEngine SSL

Select “Get free certificates”

WPEngine Get free certificates

Select your domain and get your free SSL certificate!

WPEngine Get Certificate

9. Check your inbox

Look for an email in your inbox with the subject line “Your WPEngine site is ready.” this email will have important details on setting your password so you can log in to your new site.

WPEngine Site Ready Email

10. Success! Your new site is live.

Your site will show in the browser URL and have the “lock” icon showing that your SSL certificate is working.

New Site on WPEngine

Updated on November 16, 2023
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