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How To Set Up A Subdomain on WP Engine

Here’s how to set up a subdomain on WP Engine for a new WordPress site.

1. Login to your WP Engine admin panel

Then click on “Add Site” in top right hand navigation.

Screenshot of the WP Engine panel

2. Pick a name for your site

This is going to be the name of your site internally, so name is something like “AccessAlly Subdomain” or “Membership Site”.

Screenshot of creating a new site

3. Name your environment to get a unique URL

WP Engine will create a unique URL that you can immediately login to and start accessing, until your DNS settings catch up. This is another internal name that no one else will see, hosted on the WPEngine domain.

Screenshot to name your environment

Your WPEngine subdomain is unique, which means no one else can have the same one.

4. Click to Add a Domain

Now we’ll navigate to the “Domains” section of your new WP Engine site.

Screenshot of the newly created site

5. Click the “Add a Domain” button

Click to add a domain, which in our case will be a subdomain. It’s easy enough to let WPEngine add subdomain options right in this section.

Screenshot of the add domain button

6. Enter the subdomain you’d like to use

This might be something like “members.yoursite.com” or “access.yourdomain.com”. Once you’ve entered your subsdomain, click next.

Screenshot of the subdomain screen

7. Follow the prompts to update your DNS settings

WP Engine will help you to set up the proper DNS settings automatically, by having you login to your domain registrar website. Just follow along to get these set up.

This is where you’ll be able to point Goddady domain to WPEngine, and luckily WPEngine.com walks you through the whole process.

8. That’s it! Login to your new subdomain.

It might take a few hours for the subdomain to point to your new WordPress website, and you’ll be able to login and make changes. Until then, you can still access the site by going to the URL you specified:


And once your subdomain is pointing, at:


IMPORTANT: This setup is somewhat advanced. If you are having difficulty, please reach out to WPEnging support directly.
Updated on April 22, 2022

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