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How to add conversion tracking to offers

Learn how to utilize Facebook or AdWords conversion tracking with AccessAlly’s order forms.

Why Add Conversion Tracking to Offers?

When an order is submitted on your AccessAlly site, your revenue stats can be found inside your payment processors and in the AccessAlly metrics area.

However, you might also want to add Facebook or Adwords tracking code to see more specific statistics on how well your paid advertising is converting.

How To Add Conversion Tracking To Offers

Step 1: Select Offer

Go to AccessAlly > Products > Offers.

Here, select the offer you would like to add the tracking code to. Then, go to the Payment Success Tab.

Step 2: Enable HTML Code

Next, select the checkbox “Use HTML code”, as illustrated in this screenshot:

Step 3: Add Tracking Code

Finally, you can insert your Facebook or AdWords tracking code in the text area. Make sure to Save Changes before exiting this area.

Updated on February 5, 2019

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